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Corporate Mission

Our mission at R. H. Barsom Company Inc, is to increase investment in select undervalued companies. We work intensively with our portfolio companies to grow market capitalization, increasing qualified investor interest through our proprietary strategic corporate promotion process. We work extensively with emails, Internet message boards, Internet chat rooms and Instant messaging technology.

Our mission is to utilize our proprietary methodology to maximize investor interest across demographics and mediums that, until now, were either untapped or unavailable resources. We select portfolio candidates based on comprehensive, intensive screening criteria, ensuring that our portfolio of companies are properly positioned to grow entirely from the strategies we implement with them. We implement our proprietary investment generating strategies that integrate our networks of resources and technology with stronger, more diversified investor interest. We manage corporate promotion strategies that we develop with our portfolio companies management teams, synergizing with them to establish the most effective corporate promotion and marketing regimes known today.

Internet Due Diligence

We take full advantage of the latest technology and software to reach a heretofore untapped qualified investor network. We utilize these new mediums to maximize and expand the dissemination of information to a much broader qualified audience of investor interest. We have developed a highly proprietary methodology that allows us to reach a loyal and profi group of investor interests. We capitalize on the power of the Internet and e-mail technology to bring attention to our portfolio of companies. We utilize the most state-of the art message board and chat-room technology to compliment and expand our investor networks. We stay at the forefront of our business because we have successfully adapted where others have failed. We are not boiler room cold callers. We do not send out useless faxes to useless potential investors. We do not put out press releases or put recommendations out to the public at large. We are not web page developers. We do not profile stocks to the world so that everyone can see what stocks we are working on. We do not a have an open subscriber list and we never send out any opt-in emails because they are completely worthless. We have been sending out e-mails to qualified potential investors since 1996. Investors open our e-mails because our networks of investor interests are very interested in the companies we promote. They know if we are working with you, then your security is inherently undervalued. That is how powerful our proprietary selection and promotion process is. We get results for one simple reason. WE NEVER LIE. We do not have to because the truth works better. The recent events on Wall Street by the large name invesment banks have been a catalyst on our business. If your company is undervalued then our customers will figure this out and your stock will soon be fairly valued and then probably over-valued. PR companies use huge lists of people that never buy stocks that they promote. They do not trust the advice they are getting because it is tainted with opinions and, from the get go, they try to cover themselves by claiming to be PR instead of promoters. Internet investors are much more savvy than that. The hype sent out by these companies has killed many a stock.

Advanced Investor Awareness

We have a combined history of over 35 years on Wall Street. Our traders and analysts have been trading online since 1991. We have been through the ups and downs and know how to perform proper Internet Corporate Due Diligence; a process in stark difference with Wall Street Due Diligence. Information is the key to any investment decision. By allowing information to be distributed to qualified, interested potential investors over a free and "honest" medium is the key to reaching this new "Internet Investor". We are pioneers in this regard. Also remember what it is that makes the web a web, Communications. The dissemination of information via chat rooms and message boards as well as emails has created a whole new variable in investing, one that can not be ignored.

Some of our Portfolio Companies

Date Hired Symbol Company Name Ended Coverage
02/01/97 LNST Lone Star International Energy 08/09/97
08/20/97 IAVT ACTV Inc 12/09/99
05/01/98 USDI US Digital Corp 06/10/98
09/09/98 SFLK Soflink Corp 04/06/99
06/02/99 SAGE Salome Alliance Group 05/02/00
08/02/99 HICS Hydrogeenne Corp 09/10/00
08/15/99 JRSE Jacobson Resance Resources 02/05/00
10/29/99 WSST Wall Street Strategies, Inc 02/28/00
10/01/99 SSOL Smartserv Online 02/28/00
08/31/00 IVAN Ivanhoe Energy 10/01/00
09/31/00 TRDM Trend Mining Corp 12/31/00
12/12/00 GENI Genesistermedia.com Inc. 04/06/01
08/19/01 DICE DiceNewMediaInc 04/10/02
04/02/02 ADSX Advanced Digital Solutions 07/04/02
02/12/03 WEL Boots and Coots 03/01/03
05/15/03 ALMO Alamosa Holdings 09/11/03
10/03/03 LNXGF Linux Gold Corporation 01/15/04
02/03/04 SITG Security and Intelligence Group 07/01/04
07/15/04 LENF Law Enforcement Associates 02/10/05
05/01/05 AOOR Apollo Resource Intl 11/30/05
11/30/05 BDGR Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. 06/15/06
09/16/06 PTCH Patch Energy Inc. 12/30/06
01/19/07 UTVG Universal Travel Group 11/15/07
08/01/07 AEND American Enterprise Development Corp 10/31/07
12/15/07 CHIO China INSOnline Corp. 04/22/08
05/01/08 ENAB Enable Holdings Inc. 07/15/08
07/18/08 IMDS Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. 04/01/09
05/01/09 WKBT Weikang Bio Tech Co. 05/01/10
05/20/10 MSAH MAN SHING AGRIC HLDN 12/03/10
12/01/10 QING Qingdao Footwear, Inc 09/01/11
10/01/11 BSKS Blue Sky Systems 01/31/12
02/01/12 WTWO W2 Energy 06/18/12
09/15/12 UREE U.S. RARE EARTH 06/16/2013
07/09/13 NQ NQ Mobile present



Mr. Barsom was born in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, June 15, 1964. He attended a prep-school, Wilbraham & Monson Academy before attending Colby College in Waterville, ME. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Colby College, Mr. Barsom continued his education at Emerson College in Maastricht, Holland where he studied for a Masters Degree in Communications. In 1991, Mr. Barsom joined Lehman Brothers as a Stock Broker in New York City. A year later he took a position working with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Inc. From 1994 to 1996 Mr. Barsom began working with the Internet, and ran a private medium sized Hedge fund with his partner, Alexander Machasinni. It was during this time Mr. Barsom joined New Frontier Information Services in their Business Development division where he was responsible for raising capital and selling database services to large corporations including TWA, Yahoo, and Prudential Securities. In 1996 Mr. Barsom realized the true power and enormous potential of the Internet as the new vehicle to expand the process of information dissemination to a new breed of investors and it was with this in mind that he founded R.H.Barsom Corporation, Inc., named after his father.

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Disclaimer: We are in the business of stock promotion, financial and business promotion. We have been retained to assist in providing information about publicly-held companies to the investing public. In certain circumstances we have been retained by the company and in certain circumstances we have been retained by shareholders of the company. The company and /or the shareholders who have retained us believe that the company securities are undervalued. In other circumstances, we have purchased securities of a company and believe in our own opinion that it is undervalued. Where we have been retained, as part of our retention, we have agreed to assist in promoting the company business, its financial position, the value of its securities and its future prospects. These efforts may result in an increase in the price of the company securities. When we have been retained by either a company or its shareholders we often receive securities of the company in consideration of our efforts. Again, we may also purchase securities of a company on our own. As a result, we will benefit from any increase in the value of a company securities which we have been promoting. We also assume that those persons who have retained us will benefit from an increase in the share price. We will engage in selling and/or buying securities of the Company during the term of our engagement and therefore may have an interest which is adverse to you.

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